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Beta Ibishu engines for other Ibishu's 0.9

Underpowered Pessimas and overpowered Covets!

  1. ToxicBane
    Hi, this engine swap pack includes a Covet engine for your good ol' Pessima and a Pessima engine to make the Covet have MO POWA BABEH!!

    Known bugs:
    The exhaust doesn't emit CO2 and NOx where it should.
    The engines have a default model because it would look like mashed potatoes in the engine bay if I would make them
    ECU's don't work

    I didn't make configs (yet) because I was lazy so you have to select them like this:

    JBeam: Me
    Idea: Me
    Literally everything: Me
    Game: BeamNG.Drive devs

    Also, this is my first JBeam mod so please don't be harsh when rating ;)


    1. pessima.png
    2. covet.png

Recent Reviews

  1. carsmin
    Version: 0.9
    nice under powered pessima!!
    1. ToxicBane
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I will also add 200BX and Hopper engines later!
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