Ibishu Hikui 1.0

A 2.6L Straight Six Turbocharged Utility Vehicle

  1. chriso
    1999 Ibishu Hikui
    Powered by a 2.6L turbocharged straight six CB26DAT mated to a
    5 Speed Manual Transmission with a
    Limited Slip Differential.

    In the late 90s, car companies Ibishu and Hirochi made a gentleman's agreement, where their sports cars would be limited to a power output of. 276 hp (205 kw).

    From the factory, CB26 engine found in the Hikui made the agreed power of 276 hp. However, dealerships encouraged buyers to let them replace the factory boost controller for an up-rated IBISMO part, which raised the boost levels from 1.0 bar (14 psi) to 1.95 bar (29 psi)
    This simple modification saw an increase in power to 419 hp/313 kw at 6900 rpm.

    20180809223427_1.jpg 20180809223447_1.jpg
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