Unsupported Ibishu Hopper 4.0L V8 Engine Public 1.2.1

Adds a fully modeled, jBeamed 4.0L V8 Engine and V8 Exhaust

  1. Mark Them!

    Gregory TheGamer
    Hey everyone,

    This update brings fully working XT-8, LXT-8, and ZXT-8 trim lettering to the Ibishu/Gavril Hopper. This update also updates the thumbnails. Unfortunately, they are dark themed. Not bright like you wanted. This is due to time constraints. Also, for those who are wondering when the new V8 engine mesh will be included, that should be coming in the next update.

    We hope you enjoy this update!

    GTG Mods Team
  2. Sounds Like A Beast!

    Gregory TheGamer
    Hey everyone,

    This update is rather simple. It only adds some sounds that make the Hopper sound like an absolute beast. It now uses the same sound as the Gavril Barstow, Bruckell Moonhawk, and Burnside Special.

    The new engine mesh did not make it into this update, but it will be planned for Public 1.3. New thumbnails for the configs will be coming next update along with new lettering.

    We hope you enjoy this update and please don't hesitate to send us suggestions...
  3. Improvement Update + Fix

    Gregory TheGamer
    The First Update Is Here!
    Hey guys,

    As the title may have told you, this update Improves the mod and fixes the configs for BeamNG.drive We have improved the exhaust and radiator hose meshes to look better. But there's always space for further improvement so we'll see what future updates may bring.

    Gregory U.
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