Ibishu Hopper Engine Swaps 0.88

For all your V8 and Diesel Hopper needs!

  1. CrazyFlySquid
    I saw a lot of people wanted some sort of V8 in the Hopper, so I answered their calls and added some other engines too!

    *Due to an update that added more soft top colours, the black soft top is an ugly gray by default. But you can change this by making the soft top colour black. I don't plan on fixing this any time soon.*

    Fell free to suggest any engines as well.

    - Add a 4 speed manual to the DXT-6
    - Make a working model for the 7.4L V8
    - Add a cut hood for superchargers
    - Make a model for the Wankel


    5.5L Gavril V8

    238 BHP (241 HP)
    364 NM (268 ft lb)

    Exactly the same as in all the other Gavril vehicles, including the various superchargers.

    4.4L I6 Diesel

    104 BHP (196 HP)
    275 NM (201 ft lb)

    My own diesel that I will put into Gavril vehicles soon. Has a N/A and turbo version that makes 172 BHP and 409 NM of torque.

    7.4L Redback V8

    427 BHP (431 HP)
    601 NM (443 ft lb)

    Taken from a W.I.P American RWD sports car, with superchargers.
    Currently working on a model that fits, so it just uses the 5.5L V8 model for now.

    1.8L 3 Rotor Wankel

    205 BHP (208 HP)
    224 NM (165 ft lb)

    Suggested by TheDevFreak, this rotary is taken from an old Japanese sports car and makes 395 BHP and 383 NM of torque when you strap a turbo to it. Model is currently W.I.P, so it's invisible for now.


    (Thanks "I Like Cars")

    (Thanks "TechERni")

    (Thanks "xCore0320")



    Very similar to the Classic, but with a turbodiesel and some other things to make it more offroad capable.


    Raised and fitted with a supercharged V8 and massive 31 inch tires.


    A cheaper, manual only diesel good for farms.


    A rare top end offroad model fitted with one of Ibishu's own 4.5L V8s.

    3 Rotor Offroad

    A Hopper with the heart of a Japanese sports car, turned into offroad monster.

    V8 Swap

    An offroad Hopper that has a Gavril 5.5L V8 under the hood.

    Budget Offroad

    An old diesel Hopper based off the DXT-6 with some suspension and wheel changes.


    An insane, lightweight 7.4L Supercharged V8 Hopper that will do wheelies up to 250 kmh and makes 1433 BHP and 2014 NM of torque.

    Known Issues:

    • Exhaust isn't connected on 5.5 and 7.4 V8s (Smoke exits from the engine)
    • Engine is invisible on the Ibishu V8
    • Transmission is invisible on the V8s
    • Transmission is missing textures on the Ibishu V8
    • Smoke exits from front of engine on the diesel (Even though it should be functionly correctly?)
    • Missing some tubing and wires in the engine bay on the V8s

    Photo Dump!


    1. 55LV8Dyno.jpg
    2. 74LV8Dyno.jpg
    3. 18L3RotorDyno.jpg
    4. 3rotor_offroad.png
    5. army.png
    6. budget_offroad.png
    7. crawler.png
    8. dxt-6_m.png
    9. rxt-8_a.png
    10. rxt-8_m.png
    11. v8_swap.png
    12. wheelie.png
    13. DieselDyno.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. CarBro74
    Version: 0.88
    This is gonna be fun.
  2. kevinpezza
    Version: 0.82
    just make a diesel with a shit ton of hp and torque like 6.7 powerstroke with some costome tuning to get it to be a f@!king beast with hp
    1. CrazyFlySquid
      Author's Response
      Was thinking of doing that!
  3. i_love_200bx
    Version: 0.82
    very nice. i don't mean to alarm you but your the first person in this game to make a rotary mod
  4. callekooling22
    Version: 0.82
    i really like this mod, although you should fix the issue with the exhaust on the 4.4L I6 Diesel, it seems that it is leaking.
    1. CrazyFlySquid
      Author's Response
      Working on that right now.
  5. Michaelflat
    Version: 0.8
    wow! extra star if you use the turbos on the diesels, if it is a Non turbo then the power output is too high (Torque is semi accurate, but torque needs to fall past 3.5K RPM (the whole point of a turbodiesel is to extend the power to higher revs)
    1. CrazyFlySquid
  6. Dean Wang
    Dean Wang
    Version: 0.8
    AWESOME !!!
    and how do u make this kind of mods ?
    1. CrazyFlySquid
      Author's Response
      Explaning all of this would be long and tedious, but a very basic version would go like this (My way of doing it): Copy the original car (Located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BeamNG.drive\content\vehicles) into a new folder in your unpacked mods folder (Documents\BeamNG.drive\mods\unpacked). Delete anything you don't want to modify (I will use engines as an example) and copy the engine file (in this case). Rename it and add delete all but one engine. Rename that engine and modify it, and a new engine should show up in the game that has your modifications.

      If you want to upload your mod, then read this to make sure it will be okay: https://wiki.beamng.com/Modding_Guidelines
    Version: 0.75
  8. GoldChicken
    Version: 0.75
    Love it
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