Ibishu Hopper Engine Swaps 0.88

For all your V8 and Diesel Hopper needs!

  1. New Ibishu V8, Fixed configs for recent hotfixes

    - Added New 4.5L Ibishu V8
    - RXT-8 configs updated to use the new Ibishu V8
    - Configs updated for recent hotfix changes
  2. Reworked Diesel's torque curve and diesel turbo

    - Made the diesel's torque curve more realistic (Requested by Michaelflat)
    - Adjusted the diesel turbo (Requested by Michaelflat)
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  3. Added 3 Rotor Engine with transmissions and Remade photos

    - Added a 3 rotor Wankel engine, as sugested by TheDevFreak
    - Added 200BX transmissions for the Wankel
    - Added 3 Rotor Offroad config
    - Made new photos for configs
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  4. Config performance stats (Hotfix)

    - Added configuration perfromance stats
    - Added an automatic version of the RXT-8 (6 speed)
    - Fixed V8s not having transmissions
  5. Crawler has a transmisson by default (Hotfix)

    - Fixed Crawler not having a transmission by default
  6. Configs and Bugfixes

    - Added configurations
    - Added Gavril 4, 5 and 6 speed transmissions
    - Fixed all configurations
  7. Fixed intakes

    - Added configs
    - Possibly fixed intakes
    - Cleaned up file system
    - Prepping for performance data (Configs)
  8. Fixed textures and improved the Diesel

    - Fixed V8 textures
    - Added turbo to the diesel
    - Diesel uses the regular Hopper I6 model
  9. Even more compatibility!

    - Made things work.
  10. Hotfix for Diesel fuel tank

    - Somehow deleted the diesel fuel tank.
    - Learnt to playtest before updating
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