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Outdated Ibishu Hopper Service Pack 1.2

The Ibishu Hopper now available in service.

  1. 1.2: Taxi Update

    I renamed it to Ibishu Hopper Service Pack because, there will be more non-emergencies skins in the future.

    -Added taxi version with ad carrier.
    -Made light-bars and ad carrier only available to hard top
    -Removed light-bars on soft top
    -Updated thumbnails
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  2. 1.1: Added Pushbar, Updated Configurations.

    This simple update just adds a pushbar.
    This pushbar can be seen available on the sheriff, and fire chief configurations.
    screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00005.png
    Let me know if you ran into any issues with this update!

    Thanks to @synsol for helping me how to relocate mesh in blender.
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