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Beta Ibishu Hopper Unlimited 2.0

The 4-door variant of the Ibishu Hopper

  1. The Long-Awaited Update (2.0)

    At last the first update in a while to the Hopper Unlimited is here.
    A lot of things have changed
    • Brand new Jbeam for pillars and doors
    • Door cover subslot added instead of as a separate file
    • Pillar design changes
    • Running boards now work
    • Fixed suspension and brake fade
    • New Thumbnails
    • Textures fixes
    • Bug fixes
    • Other stuff
  2. New Roof

    -Added the sunroof
    -Fixed Suspension Problems
    -Minor Jbeam fixes
  3. Doors DOORS DOOOORS!!! and roofs

    Fixed stuff with doors (jbeam, mesh etc.)
    Add angled hardtop
    Other patches
  4. The 4-door version of the Hopper

    Added 6-wheel lugs and fixed some glitches
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