Alpha Ibishu JBX100 0.2.6

JDM 4-door sedan based on 200BX, Toyota Chaser style + tuning/drift parts.

  1. Various fixes + new stuff

    Skin UV's fixed. Found in skin_textures inside the zip
    Window UV's have their own skin system, the UV can be found in window_decals inside the zip.
    New D-Troxx livery
    New experimental drift missile dented skin (uncolorable for now)
    New front bumper option.
    Fixed carbon fiber hoods not showing up
    Fixed carbon fiber material on rear diffuser. But managed to mess it up at the same time.
    Camera is centered on car unless car is equipped a part found in the additional addon slot
    Fixed some material errors. Console is still not free of errors
    Removed some outdated parts such as the old turbo configurations, will be replaced with new ones later.
    New rear suspension option with larger track width adjustment.
    Boost gauge is now a separate part.
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