Alpha Ibishu JBX100 0.2.8

JDM 4-door sedan based on 200BX, Toyota Chaser style + tuning/drift parts.

  1. Jbx hotfix for beamNG 0.26 and more stuff

    Primarily this update is to fix the car to be usable with the new BeamNG update.

    There are also some other stuff in the update though.
    I haven't double checked the status on all my things I was working on before the game update, so if things are unfinished, there's why. I'm just releasing it as is to fix the mod.

    Either way, stuff that have been added:
    More headlight and tail light / indicator options.
    A new engine sound.
    New window decals with PBR (I think)
    Pine tree air fresheners....
  2. Parts and tweaks

    • Ganador side mirrors. Fits JBX100 and 200BX
    • Carbon fiber roof option
    • Carbon fiber trunk option (was added before but I dont think I put it in the notes)
    • Sunroof option (so far no normal map for it, but that will come in the future) (might make it openable at some point)
    • Adjustable slider for rear tie rods to allow more rear bumpsteer elimination. (only available on mod rear suspension which also come with increased max track width)
    • Removable tail lights
    • Alternate...
  3. Compatibility update

    • JBX and 200BX share radiator slot for engine swaps
    • JBX engine come with a shorter exhaust option for use with 200BX
    • 200BX engine gets a JBX exhaust conversion part
    • Front body components moved to a sub component "front clip"
    • JBX and 200BX front clip is available for JBX
    • Old intake mesh put back on outdated top mount turbo part (temporary solution)
    • Front sway bar added, not perfect visually, but functional
    • Increased the JBX chassi moment of inertia and mass...
  4. Working H-gate, and shared 200BX engine

    As title suggests this update comes with support for using
    200BX engines in JBX100 and JBX100 engine in 200BX. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but the problem have been the mods RHD conversion combined with the 200BX jbeam structure where the clutch pedal is spawned by the transmission. This have been solved by renaming one of the clutch pedal props ref nodes, deleting the vanilla clutch pedal in the JBX.

    It also comes with a transmission option which have a functional...
  5. Various fixes + new stuff

    Skin UV's fixed. Found in skin_textures inside the zip
    Window UV's have their own skin system, the UV can be found in window_decals inside the zip.
    New D-Troxx livery
    New experimental drift missile dented skin (uncolorable for now)
    New front bumper option.
    Fixed carbon fiber hoods not showing up
    Fixed carbon fiber material on rear diffuser. But managed to mess it up at the same time.
    Camera is centered on car unless car is equipped a part found in the additional addon slot
    Fixed some...
  6. Early release of JBX version 2.

    Still things to finish but I figured I'd do an early release to get something out.

    More turbo / N/A intake configurations will be added
    Boost gauge will become a optional part
    Suspension mesh will be finished up (missing some flexbodies)
    UV mapping has some problems, will be looked over.
    Skin UV's are probably broken, haven't checked it. But that will also be looked over.

    Wheels and tires will be included later, right now you have to use D-Troxx wheel pack for the drift config.
  7. Hotfix: Halfshafts

    Exactly the same version as 0.1.4 except the half shaft slot was added to the differentials so that the car is driveable in the latest game version. No new stuff in this version.
  8. Fixes and configs

    3 new configs with individual liveries
    Rear bumper bug fix
    Drift spoiler temporary fix (deleted nodes)
    More low end boost
    Steering limiter (if you still get breaking steering when spinning out, report in discussion thread please)
  9. UV layout update + apexi skin

    Cleaned up UV layout abit + apexi d1gp livery.
    And here is the skin UV template!
  10. Config improvement.

    Plain and simple. The Ebisu Touge config was never supposed to be in the release. It has been removed. But the suspension settings from it have been moved to AX53 build because it had a much more fine tuned suspension.
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