Alpha Ibishu Miramar 690/710 Coupe and Convertible 2.0

The complete distilled into perfection.

  1. Nacho Problem

    This mod features a larger coupe body, a coupe edit, configs, and additional parts for the car.​

    Initial Model Editing, Modeling and Custom Parts- @Nacho Problem
    Mesh Cleanup/UV/Further Editing and Modeling, jbeam - @.nokau
    Original High-poly Model of Spoiler 690/710 - @waboll

    • Configs

    • Drivetrain

      • 1.9 & 2.0L DOHC I6 Engines
        • Side Draft/Filtered Carburetors
        • Exhaust/Race Exhaust
        • Stage 1, 2 and 3 variable boost Turbochargers
      • Filtered Carburetors for vanilla DOHC Engines
      • 5-Speed Manual Transmission 690
      • 6-Speed Manual Transmission 710
      • 5-Speed Racing Manual Transmission 690
    • Bodies
      • z690 Coupe Unibody
      • z690 Sedan Unibody
      • z710/z710sp Coupe Unibody
      • z710s/z710sps Coupe SWB Unibody
      • Convertible versions of all mentioned 710 body styles
      • Dedicated parts (doors, glass, suspension, etc.)

        Both 710 Bodies have 2 Diffrent rear designs depending on body style
    • Wide Track Suspension parts
      • Stock/GTz/Rally Springs and Shocks Wide
      • Stock Steering Wide
    • Additional Parts
      • Spoiler 690/710
      • Dumbbell Taillights
      • Alternative Taillights
      • Left/Right Headlight Cover Flat
      • Taillight covers for alt. lights
      • Turbo Chargers and Internals for DOHC Engines


Recent Reviews

  1. Jer
    Version: 2.0
    Umm, last time I checked, you had over 100,000 downloads...
    Good job, Nacho!
  2. RealArvin
    Version: 2.0
    Amazing mod! It's high quality and fun to drive.
  3. moses72
    Version: 2.0
    DaMiramar less gooooooooooooooo
  4. YMCooper
    Version: 2.0
    Less Go
  5. Botanimus
    Version: 2.0
    I will turn a miramar into a convertible
    Lets gooo
  6. ½5-56½
    Version: 2.0
    mod is wonderful, but uuhh. When i open the vehicle config the Rear and Front suspension doesnt show up. i have cleared cache and tried the other things. but this happened after you updated it. otherwise wonderful, i have had this mod for some time now, but didnt see this until now :P
    1. Nacho Problem
      Author's Response
      Its under the body style slot ^^
  7. jecoyud1905
    Version: 2.0
    i turn into a convertible L E T S G O
    1. Nacho Problem
      Author's Response
  8. Blue Bird Gaming
    Blue Bird Gaming
    Version: 2.0
    1. Nacho Problem
  9. Mar4ick
    Version: 2.0
    why wasn't this in the game already
  10. Preston Elam
    Preston Elam
    Version: 2.0
    Starting simply, in the best way possible, this mod is *almost* everything the Miramar should have been. Put simply, I'm not sure it's much of a secret the Miramar is a classic Skyline (though some like to think of it as a vaz?) The problem is, if they're gonna add an enthusiast car, how are they going to go for the boring one? When I think of a C10 Skyline I think of, dare I say the 2000GT-R Which if I'm not mistaken didn't even come in a 4 door variant post-facelift. Regardless, All of this is to say, These post-facelift C10 Skyline configs are exactly what the Miramar was missing, and should have had in the first place, the raw quality of the models easily keep up with those of the base-game, and though I haven't gotten a ton of track time on these yet, they seem to retain everything that made driving the Miramar fun, just in a much better package.
    Now, as for the elephant in the room, I've done nothing but praise this mod, but my review is four stars. My main gripe with this mod, and really *any* BeamNG mod at that is that the crash physics is never right, I'm not as big of a crashing guy as most, but I find it jarring all of the sharp angles and weird crumpling that comes out of the cars after an impact. This is mostly in regards to the facelift, but the 690 suffers from similar problems, though not as bad, I imagine this is because it retains more of the original JBeam? Regardless, I think this can be looked past because of the literal "Alpha" tag the car has. When the mod is fully released, I look forward to revising this review!
    Keep up the good work!

    TLDR; This mod adds a C10 Facelift Skyline coupe and what I believe is a pre-facelift C10 coupe, In my opinion, this is exactly the spice the Miramar was missing, the new configs maintain the handling of the original, which is to say, it's fun to drive. though the mod has it's shortcomings, namely the damage model/jbeam, which has a tendency to crinkle in odd ways and generate sharp spikey points. That said, since this mod is in alpha, I assume the jbeam be refined.
    1. Nacho Problem
      Author's Response
      ok i have a few things to say here

      1. You are drawing too many parallels between my mod and actual cars. Yes this IS loosely based on the KPGC-10 Nissan Skylines but in no way meant to be a direct replica or a recreation of it. Comparing this car to either the Pre-Facelift coupes is not only not grounded in reality, it is also completely illogical as all the body styles are completely made up with little basis in any real cars. Sure there are some similarities like the 690 coupe being something similar to olds Datusn 510s or the new 710sps being similar to the old KPGC-10 GT-Rs but the Convertible, Turbo I4 and I6, and Regular 710 and 690 are completely made up and just server the purpose of adding more content to the game to make it possible for players to individualize their cars more to their liking if they diskile something about the other body styles.

      2. You did not understand what this mod is for. This mod is not made to be a lore masterpiece that makes reffrences to the real life car its based on and explains every single thing in great detail. This is more or less a part addon mod that does not need any lore or story around it, thus again making the comparison between this and any given real life car nonesensical. This is not a Skyline. This is a Miramar coupe.

      3. Now the "elephant in the room". Fist off i dont understand what you mean by "Facelift" as i stated before there are no facelifts in this but rather diffrent variations of the same car. Again refering to the real life car argument. i will just assume you are talking about some version of the 710 coupe. But this tells me nothing about wich body actually has the spiking issues. Is it the 710, 710s, 710sp, 710sps, any convertible version or the alternative lights ? This tells me nothing about the crashing of what body and so is useless to me for feedback that i can use to improve.

      4. For the sake of keeping things simple lets assume the 710sps with the alternative lights has the spiking issues that you mentioned. The causes for the spiking are neither easily identified nor fixed because of how the game physics and jbeam files work. The Regular Ibishu Miramar has spiking issues by itself so those would of course be in this mod. Furthermore the Sps's jbeam is as far edited as it is necessary for it to work and crash well so i do not understand what you meant by "this is because it retains more of the original JBeam". This makes no sense and makes me question if you actually have any experience in Jbeaming. Even very experienced modders can struggle with spiking issues.
      I am trying my best to find a fix for this but understand that it's a struggle to do so.

      One thing i still can not make sense of is, that you said you have those gripes with spiking issues in "any mod". If you actually thought about it logically for a second you could theorize that spiking issues are common because they are hard to fix. You did not do that and instead ignored the

      5. This review was very hard to read. It was long, unnecessarily complicated and did not even contain useful information to either me or a potential reader that wants to dowload this mod based on reviews. It sounds overcomplicated in the way that it seems like you wanted to sound more professional. At least i will asusme that.

      6. Acknowledging the correlation between spiking and modded cars would be logical and yet you decided not do that and chose to not connect the dots.

      TL;DR: You wrote a review that was, full of wrong information, baseless assumptions and general lack of knowlege. This review is not providing any useful information to anyone and is a pain to read.
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