Alpha Ibishu Miramar 690/710 Coupe and Convertible 2.0

The complete distilled into perfection.

  1. Refining, reinventing, adding content

    Nacho Problem
    • Match some node parameters found in the current sedan body, this fixed a randomly found instability that would make the G-force meter go crazy
    • Updated soundConfig of the I6 engines for the game's audio setting after v0.21
    • Updated the 710 and 690 bodies to have an 8,000 RPM gauge and a 240 km/h speedometer
    • Added z690 Unibody, a sedan body but with the mod's gauges
    • Added 195/60R13 Thin Whitewall Fron/Rear Tires, for 13x7 Ibishu 5RS Steel Front/Rear Wheels
    • Added Grille Custom, for 710s
    • Added Front Air Dam Custom, for 710 and vanilla
    • Added Left/Right Custom Headlights, for 710s and vanilla, rotate-able through Tuning
    • Added 1.9L DOHC I6 Engine with dedicated parts, smaller in size and power relative to the 2.0L one
    • Adjusted 5-Speed Manual Transmission 690's gear ratios and shifting RPM for arcade mode gearbox behavior
    • Adjusted I6 engine beam connections with the body, seems less wiggly now
    • Adjusted I6 engine node weight, was very top heavy
    • Adjusted I6 engine powerband and potential power, was too powerful
    • Added turbo parts for the 1.9L DOHC I6 Engine
    • Removed the turbo parts for DOHC I4 Engines, the way the header loads in the vanilla DOHC engines make it irreplaceable
    • Added 1.9L DOHC I4 Engine Turbo instead
    • Updated configurations and infos, 690s now use the new 1.9L DOHC I6 Engine
    • Updated 710 configs to use the 13x7 Ibishu 5RS Steel Wheels and new tires
    • Updated 690 Sedan (M) to use the new sedan body
    • Added Track 690 (M) configuration
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