Ibishu Pessima EX & EHX 1.8

Can a Pessima consume less fuel than these ones?

  1. New lettering...once again

    Introducing new lettering based on the official one
  2. NOS & stuff

    With the release of Belasco, this city commuter car finally has a place to feel at home now.
    Also you can see 200 kw nitrous shot ripping your humble engine apart.
    Now includes all features of 0.11.
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  3. Exhaust bugfix

    Fixed an exhaust bug.
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  4. Real lettering

    Added real lettering. The fake lettering skins were deprecated.
    screenshot_00357.png screenshot_00358.png
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  5. Lettering

    What's added:
    Fake lettering that is actually a skin
    Actual 0-60mph/0-100kmh time (not a small figure)
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