Beta Ibishu Pessima ProCar 1.4.2018

Fast, a V10 and hard to drive, all in a Pessima jacket.

  1. Hotfix for sounds

    Previous file corrupted and left some spam.
    • Engine is less loud
    • Something added
    Might have to do with the date, it lays eggs...
  2. Sound fix

    • Engine makes less noise
    • Something added, might have to do with the date...
    The easter bunny hid an egg in the mod!
  3. Minor Fixes

    A small update:
    • Fixed 3rd brakelight's nodes
    • Removed some files
    • Some minor tweaks to the configs
    • Driver cam is a bit higher now, and increased beamspring for the cam.
    • idk
  4. Launch Day Fix

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