Beta Ibishu Popper 4.20.69

A Fantastic Disaster.

  1. Notepad.exe
    Well This is Ibishu's answer to the Pigeon swapped Vivace in WBIMP. It is bad and runs on gas instead of Diesel. Oh and remove the exhaust or it will fall and drag on the ground.
    top speed- 45-ish


Recent Reviews

  1. James May's Cheese
    James May's Cheese
    Version: 4.20.69
    good mod
  2. Malamo999
    Version: 4.20.69
    You put the Pigeon engine into the Hopper? I had to dig into the mod files to figure out how to load this - I couldn't find a config or anything haha (looking in all the wrong places) :D
  3. Alex_Farmer557
    Version: 4.20.69
    there is no pigeon swapped vivace in wbimp.
    either way good mod
  4. Fredr3x
    Version: 4.20.69
    Nice mod :)
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