Ibishu Prodigy 1,2

A Japanese SUV produced from 1995 to 2001

  1. szanto_sz
    1995-2001 Ibishu Prodigy
    The Prodigy was Ibishu's attempt at cashing in on the 90's SUV market. the car was offered with a 2.0 L I4, a 2.2 L I4 and a V6 limited to the japanese market. The japanese market also got plenty of performance oriented versions, such as the EX-4 Turbo or the GT-Turbo equipped with a twin turbo V6.

    screenshot_2022-01-15_15-10-41.png screenshot_2022-01-16_12-12-01.png screenshot_2022-01-16_15-33-33.png screenshot_2022-01-17_18-08-57.png screenshot_2022-01-17_18-13-14.png screenshot_2022-01-23_14-50-33.png screenshot_2022-01-24_18-40-15.png screenshot_2022-01-30_11-03-34.png screenshot_2022-02-20_11-50-50.png

    Credits to:
    -@Kueso for all of the facory configs and ideas for JDM parts
    -@Theo Wilkinson for the badging
    -@Shadows for the Tuner and Special Edition skins
    -@Yuko~chan for the Japanese police lights
    -Beta tester for helping me find bugs and stuff
    -Myself for everything else basically
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Recent Updates

  1. Tiny fixes
  2. Bug fixes... Many, many bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. hale09.
    Version: 1,2
    It's great but didn't have a horn :(
  2. FerrariEnzo_AndStuff
    Version: 1,2
    It looks nice!But in one of the configs,I see like sparkles in the interior but other than that...It has great quality and plus it looks like a honda Cr-v!
  3. Doge_guy
    Version: 1,2
    Good job! Nice work! What is the name of the map in one of your pictures (Tokyo Night)?
    Really nice car! Keep it up!
  4. sabinoplane
    Version: 1,2
    Looks: 5/5
    If you told me it was vanilla, I would believe you.
    Features: 5/5
    Didn't see any features from vanilla vehicles missing
    Crashing: 5/5
    It is just right, satisfying, glitch-less. Just a bliss
    Content: 5/5
    29 vanilla-style, varied configs, and tons of parts, even beater textures and other skins. It. What else can you ask for?
    UI: 5/5
    Sometimes I struggle to find it because of how much it blends in with the vanilla cars, just how I like it! absolutely seamless and professional look to the car selection UI and thumbnails, with all the needed information on every car.
    Overall: 5/5 - One of those mods that should just be a vanilla car.

    I'm not even exaggerating, go give this car to the devs, it is absolute perfection. Fits into the game in an absolutely seamless way, and it is as high quality as mods get
  5. hananes
    Version: 1,2
    Nice and polished mod. Only problem is on my drift build the steering get bent after just one drift.
  6. CPike709
    Version: 1,2
    great mod lots of time put in
  7. Bigmane
    Version: 1,2
    imo , Nekkit and szanto_sz are the Greatest and Best Mod Creators On Brick-Hill Now, Atleast Public Ones!, they give that feel of ''europe'' to beamng, as beamng developers refuse to do that (make only american maps), great mod, keep it up!
  8. skrrts
    Version: 1,2
    Amazing mod, probably gonna be the vehicle I drive all the time for the next while. I think it needs some suspension tuning but it's still a great mod.
  9. Crash_time
    Version: 1,2
    Its just Perfect!
  10. WhiningTurtle
    Version: 1,2
    5 Stars because of the attention to detail in this high quality mod. Thanks!
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