Ibishu Prodigy 1,2

A Japanese SUV produced from 1995 to 2001

  1. Tiny fixes

    Basically just fixed the missing materials that showed up for some people and the AI now works decently thanks to the tips from @Agent_Y and that's about it.
  2. Bug fixes... Many, many bug fixes

    So the release version had uhh... let's just say a few problems, this update adresses nearly everything that has been pointed out to me.

    Here is everything that has been fixed, changed, added:
    -fixed messed up normals on Ibishu L5 wheels
    -fixed missing textures on japanese police lights
    -fixed the beater and derby config being mixed up and broken
    -fixed automatic configs having manual shifters
    -fixed offroad rear bumper jbeam clipping
    -added horns
    -added underglow
    -added turn...
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