Beta Ibishu RHD pack 1.1

Right hand drive Ibishu vehicles

  1. MiraLHD

    Update 1.1 adds LHD Miramar, amber EUDM/JDM lights to configs and most cars have brake master cylinder on the right hand (left for Miramar obviously).
  2. Shift into Amber

    1.0 'Shift into Amber' update
    Amber EUDM/JDM lights available for 200BX, Covet and both Pessimas!
    Additionally, this update adds shiftlights for all vehicles that had them originally.
    New amber lights are not included in the configs yet, you have to manually select them!
  3. Small update

    Ver 0.9 changelog:
    • modified interior cameras as a right hand drive cameras, so now rotating camera to the right activates a "looking out the window" mode,
    • 80's Pessima door panels are correctly placed
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