Beta Ibishu Saga 1.1

Ibishu's sporty grand-touring flagship from the late 80's

  1. Kueso
    Installment One of:
    Kueso and LJ's Japan Pack

    NOTE: This mod now relies on a core mod called "KLJP Core Mod" and is available here:
    The 1987-1991 Ibishu Saga is a flagship sport-GT hardtop coupe from Ibishu. Its chassis design and interior and styling cues further trickled down the lineup and made their way into the 1st generation Ibishu Pessima as the Saga was ending its production cycle. The Saga features two motors, a 1.8L H4 and a 2.6 H6 in an FR layout. Both engines were designed and developed by Hirochi in a joint effort/brand deal. Neither engine saw any other Ibishu applications past the Saga, though supposedly appeared in other Hirochi models of the time.

    This mod has been under development for a long time now, but due to time constraints on both me and @LJ74 , it is being released in its current form.
    It features a new car, the Ibishu Saga, along with a set of new drivetrains and other assorted goodies.

    -Jbeam needs cleaning up
    -no racing skins / configurations
    -potentially broken aftermarket parts

    Saga_brochure1.png Saga_brochure2.png Saga_brochure3.png Saga_brochure4.png Saga_brochure5.png Saga_brochure6.png Saga_brochure7.png Saga_brochure8.png Saga_brochure9.png Saga_brochure10.png
    screenshot_2021-10-17_02-01-54.png screenshot_2021-10-17_02-02-11.png screenshot_2021-09-26_20-55-37.png screenshot_2021-09-26_20-55-56.png screenshot_2021-09-27_12-19-09.png screenshot_2021-09-27_12-19-50.png

    -WBIMP Discord (may it rest in peace)
    -Community suggestions

    That's all folks, have fun and be sure to report any bugs here:

    Thank you
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  2. Full Release
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Recent Reviews

  1. get_sunny
    Version: 1.1
    Feels Like It Should Be In The Game, Just Maybe Add A Beater Version And A V8 Swap Or Something And This Mod Will Be The Best Mod Ever Created. Well Done! 9.9/10
  2. hananes
    Version: 1.1
    I just caught myself uncertain if this was a mod or vanilla part of the game. I saw the Saga GTz mod and thought I had missed an update. What drives a person to release such excellent work?´r
  3. trm7
    Version: 1.1
    Such a good car so fun with my g27 with h shifter. The 6 cylinder sounds so good and it handles excellent. The force feedback is actually good unlike Mose mod cars.
  4. baarry5444
    Version: 1.1
    One of the best lore-friendly vehicle mods in recent months, without a doubt.
  5. W01T45
    Version: 1.1
    Great car man, love it
  6. Ibishu_pezzima
    Version: 1.1
    Really good quality man, hope to mods in the future! on par with dev cars
  7. bad badger
    bad badger
    Version: 1.1
    dev quality for sure, one tiny cosmetic issue is that the drive shaft is a little too short and doesnt connect to the rear dif.
  8. gtaman788
    Version: 1.1
    One of the best mods i seen in some time. Love it. Clean some J-beam ( as you said ) And add a rusty skin and this will be legit a good part of the BASE game its that good IMO.

    The base 1.8 is Lit ( I know am odd )

    Over all 9.8/10 :)
  9. grandturismo231323
    Version: 1.1
    Keeps getting better
  10. Cabotin
    Version: 1.1
    What an incredible mod, the blinking needle is genius! Thank you!
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