Beta Improved Navigation Map 0.1.2

Improves and fixes bugs in the pre-existing navigation map

  1. Improved Navigation Map - Patch 0.1.2

    Version 0.1.2 Changes:

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug that would cause certain larger maps to be cut off or not render at all, all map sizes should now be supported and render properly! (thanks rlas and hirochiibishu for reporting this!)
  2. Improved Navigation Map - Patch 0.1.1

    Version 0.1.1 Changes:

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed roads being thick and inaccurate on smaller maps
    - Map size limit should now scale with the actual size of the map (determined by the road nodes)
    - Made the Improved Navigation System look more accurate to the Default Navigation System in the way roads are shown, before the map was kinda squished

    New Features:
    - Higher Zoom Limit, and more zoom levels
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