Improved Siren Mod 2.7

A mod that adds rumblers, warnings and custom siren for every car

  1. jojos38
    |------------------------------------------------ Features ------------------------------------------------|

    Improved Siren Mod
    This mod adds a whole bunch of new sirens sounds and rumblers for every stock police vehicles in the game.

    If you want to support my work you can do it here!

    Any request of a siren to add or improve? Send me a message and I'll see what I can do

    Forum link: Released - Improved Siren Mod

    • Multiplayer compatible*
    • Custom siren
    • Up to two different rumblers
    • A warning siren
    • A police horn
    • Ability to select the siren you want for each vehicle
    • Ability to have your own custom sounds and configurations for each vehicle
    • Works on modded vehicles and custom configurations**
    • Key binds in the settings
    • Two UI apps to customize vehicles sirens and control the siren from the UI
    *If you don't download the mod client side you won't be able to use keybinds but only the UI apps

    **You need to manually select a configuration and save it using the save button with the UI app in order for a modded or custom vehicle to have a siren. (See how to use Sounds selector app)


    Github: jojos38/Improved-Siren-Mod (
    |----------------------------------------------- Installation -----------------------------------------------|

    Press the subscribe button
    Put the zip file in your Documents/ folder
    |----------------------------------------------- How to use -----------------------------------------------|

    How to use:

    • Bind your keys:
      Install the mod and open your game, go to settings -> controls -> vehicle and bind every key that you want to use
    • Enable chase mod:
      Chase Mode needs to be enabled in order to toggle sirens, rumblers and warning siren
      It's enabled as soon as the lightbar is on and default game's siren is off
      In order to enable chase mode you can either use the default lightbar key from the game or use the Chase Mode key from the mod
    • Use the UI apps
      Control app
      To use the control app, simply add it on the UI and press the buttons to use the functions
      Sounds selector app
      Simply add the app on the UI and select the sound you want for the vehicle you are in.
      Pressing the save button will remember the preset for the selected vehicle
    |------------------------------------------------ Questions -----------------------------------------------|

    Important: All presets are made inside the file for more versatility, but this comes at a cost any mod update will remove your presets, so make sure to save them somewhere!

    Video tutorial:
    (Pause the video if it's going too fast)

    Text tutorial:
    First step open the file and go to presets, duplicate the .Default.json file and rename it to the name of your preset. For example: My Custom Preset.json

    Then, open the file you just create and modify the path of the sounds.
    Sounds are located in

    So let's say you want to add duck.ogg sound, put the sound in and inside the preset json file you gonna put "sound": "mysound/duck.ogg".

    Note: wav sounds also work, I guess other sounds work but I don't have a list of compatible formats. volume management is not in pair with engines volumes, which means that if you put your in-game volume to 100, sirens are going to be very loud and engine not so much. But if you put your in-game volume to 5, sirens will be very quiet compared to engines.

    To fix this issue, simply set your in-game volume to 50 (or any volume that gives you a good balance between engines and sirens) and then change the game's volume using Windows Volume Mixer

    Note that this issue can't be fixed until the game's fmod engine can be modded

    You need to restart the game at least 1 time to get the mod working. (install mod / start / restart and it work)
    If you the mod was disabled and you enabled it, you have to restart the game overwise the mod won't work

    Try to clear the cache of the game.
    Sometimes problems are caused by incompatibility with other mods! So, try to uninstall all other mods except this one and then, if it turns out to be working, reinstall them 1 by 1 to find which one is causing issues.

    This is due to the type of sound that I use for the sirens
    This bug can't be fixed until the game's fmod engine can be modded

    However you can reduce the issue by increasing your sound quality in game's sounds settings

    I will fix this issue when as soon as I find a fix, for now I'm still trying to find one, sorry for the issue

    See How to use -> UI apps -> Sound Selector

    |-------------------------------------------------- Credits --------------------------------------------------|

    Other cool mods:
    Thanks to GravelRoadCop for allowing me to use his sirens sounds!
    You can download his mod for GTA here:

    Thanks to x0xDJSx0x and ! >[Jamzs3-] for giving me some ideas for the mod and helping me to test it!
    Do not reupload any part of my mod without my permission
    Most sounds file belong to GravelRoadCop and reuploading them it not allowed either


    1. Screenshot2021-02-27150055.png
    2. Screenshot2021-02-27150102.png
    3. Screenshot2021-02-27150107.png

Recent Updates

  1. Added RDS17S siren
  2. Bug fixing
  3. Traffic update - part 2

Recent Reviews

  1. jschadle
    Version: 2.6
    Awesome! Thanks for all the effort you put into this.
    1. jojos38
  2. TarkinGaming
    Version: 2.5
    One of the many things that I love about gaming are the adrenaline-filled police races that you would see in games like Need For Speed, Grand Theft Auto and Asphalt.'s physics make them even more immersive without any loss of action. All we were missing was this mod. I've been trying to find a mod like this for about two years, and now it's here.

    Dramatic stuff aside, could you be able to add sirens from GTA 3 through GTA 5, NFS and even Asphalt at some point? Thought it would be a coll addition. Keep it up!
    1. jojos38
      Author's Response
      Hey, thank you! If I ever get the occasion to do so I will
      However those sounds are proprietary so I might not
  3. XTeeManX
    Version: 2.1
    Sexy mod and I love it, but for some reason the hotkeys no longer work in MP? We all have them installed client side but they no longer work.
    1. jojos38
      Author's Response
      The mod need to be activated and the game restarted so that the keys work. The multiplayer might automatically disable mods and therefor removing the keys from my mod
  4. David 3
    David 3
    Version: 2.1
    its good bro but can u make can u somehow make ai to react on these sirens because they dont stop when i turn on siren
    1. jojos38
      Author's Response
      Hey! I just finally found a solution for traffic to work! The update should be available in few days at most
  5. Scruffy517
    Version: 2.1
    It works fine for me but it sometimes causes the game to not load... it would just give me an infinite loading screen when I try to load up a map..
    1. jojos38
      Author's Response
      Mh I don't think it's due to my mod as it doesn't do anything to loading
  6. Angry Bm
    Angry Bm
    Version: 2.1
    This is so great!!!!!!!!!!ยจ
    I love this mod. I use it every day. lol
    1. jojos38
  7. glen
    Version: 2.1
    custom vehicle or not, I am unable to use the siren mod during BeamMP.
    1. jojos38
      Author's Response
      If you need any help you can dm me we can look into this
  8. Capricious Curtis
    Capricious Curtis
    Version: 2.1
    YOU DON'T KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I really really love that you added a way for us to input our own tones. Now I can use my own siren mods and switch tones without stopping, opening the vehicle parts menu, blah blah blah.... I LOVE IT
    1. jojos38
      Author's Response
      No prob! Have fun!
  9. Blondi
    Version: 2.1
    This mod is so amazing very good job!
    All this sirens... thats so much. :D
    1. jojos38
  10. starzx64
    Version: 1.9
    amazing love the variety what make this awesome would some Japanese and British sirens then it be perfect
    1. jojos38
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I'm adding sirens here and here, I will try to add them if I can
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