Improved Siren Mod 3.0

A mod that adds rumblers, warnings and custom siren for every car

  1. Bug fix and new siren sounds

    - Remade SS2000SM thanks to bona
    - Added a second rumbler for PA300 thanks to bona
    - Fixed a lua fatal error in cases where vehicles config were edited
  2. Sirens and volume improvement

    - Huge thanks to aesthetical 2 for the sirens!
    - Remade 80K siren
    - Remade Motorola Spectra siren
    - Remade Omega siren
    - Remade Touchmaster siren
    - Added SP Mark 7 siren
    - Tweaked volume of sirens
  3. Fix for 0.23 and improvement to sounds volume

    - Fixed for BeamNG 0.23
    - Tweaked volume of every siren so that it doesn't hear rape anymore
  4. Added RDS17S siren

    Added RDS17S siren
  5. Bug fixing

    Fixed a bug that could cause a vehicle error on load
  6. Traffic update - part 2

    This is the 2nd part of the traffic update!
    - Traffic now use the sirens of the mod instead of using default game's sirens.
    - They randomly switch between the main siren and the rumblers (if there is any rumbler)
    - They more often use the siren than the rumbler

  7. Now works with traffic!

    - The mod now works with traffic
    - Improved ram usage and performances
  8. Fixed MS4000 rumblers

    Fixed MS4000 rumblers
  9. Added MS4000 siren and improved performances

    - Added MS4000 siren
    - Improved performances
    - Reduced ram usage
  10. Added PA300 siren

    Added PA300 siren (misses one rumbler)
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