Unsupported Indoor Tractor Pulling 0.85

The first of its kind on the repo (future update is on hold indefinitely)

  1. Fix for the dirt

    Linux Doggo
    there were some issues with the dirt in the last update, let me know if it's still broken.
  2. The big small update

    Linux Doggo
    - track is flipped around, so the former start-area is now the shutdown area
    -start and FP mark lights are now pulsating, as upposed to flickering
    -removed hideous former spawn area.
    -added big room behind the `screen`
    -the FP mark lights and start lights are also flipped.
    -added reverb effect for obvious reasons (recommended by cyberrednec)

    Have fun! (trailer pack by AR162B is still required)
  3. The back-hall update

    Linux Doggo
    - Changed lighting, looks more like IJsselhallen Zwolle now
    - Removed GM advert, caused some issues
    - Removed ability to access track directly, you have to go around the back, behind the ¨sled¨
    - Added a back hall for spawning bigger vehicles (because some people were complaining about lack of spawn space for bigger vehicles like the T-Series)
    - Added a Guard Rail in front of the stands (whatever you call it, my native language isn´t English)
    - (Quick change:...
  4. The IJsselhallen Update

    Linux Doggo
    With this update the hall more resembles the Indoor tractor pulling in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Here are the changes: Indoor-Tractorpulling-2017-sfeer.jpg

    Change log:
    - Removed ugly window at full-pull
    - Added Ad-Banners from Hirochi Raceway
    - Added a screen at the full-pull line
    - Removed seats at the left side of the track
    - Added seats from Hirochi Raceway
    - Added Gavril Grand Marshall advert to the left side of the track
    - Removed official access to the unused room (I decided...
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