Industial Rallycross V1.3

A four-car rallycross on a short track at the Industrial Site map

  1. bits&bytes
    Industial Rallycross:
    Since this is my first Scenario, I decided to start with something small.

    This Scenario is based on the jump derby scenario created by Scepheo.

    Here you drive a Covet and race against two Sunbursts and another Covet on a small rallycross track at the Industrial Site map. The Sunburst drive faster but are more reckless. So try to pass them without crashing and stay away from them as far as possible, which would not be easy on a small track like this.
    Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

    • Scepheo for developing the AI lua code which make the opponent cars drive laps.
    • defib for the beautiful Logitec and Norton skins for the Sunbursts.
    • Nivracer for the awesome Motul skin for the Covet.

    Installation Instructions:
    • Download the attached zip file and drop it into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\\mods
    • Install the Logitec, Norton and Motul skins the same way. They can be found by clicking the links at the credits above.
      If one of these skins is not installed, then the scenario will function normal, but the car with the missing skin will have a white color.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Kippeth
    Version: V1.3
    Front two cars spawn without wheels.
    Covet AI stops after first checkpoint.
    Broken in current release.
  2. Villa_Sempre
    Version: V1.3
    Does not work anymore, the two vehicles in the front spawn without tires.
  3. Milo
    Version: V1.3
    For some reason, after the first checkpoint, the AI turned around and started going backwards! Fix that and it will be a pretty good scenario, though.
  4. nug700
    Version: V1.2
    updating rating for fix.
  5. albin.alvelius
    Version: V1.2
  6. nug700
    Version: 1.0
    Very good scenario. the cars clip the corner on checkpoint 4 to much and consistently crash, though.
    1. bits&bytes
      Author's Response
      The corner clipping at checkpoint 4 should be solved in version 1.2
  7. bananasplit_00
    Version: 1.0
    great track but the AI is really fond of crashing after 2-3 turns and when they have gone about 3 corners you have gone 8, there slow crashy and WAY to easy but exept for that and its pretty fun!
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