Infiniti Q50 Stillen Supercharged 2014 V3

A supercharged version of the Infiniti Q50 3.7!

  1. Angry_Bird
    Sorry for the long wait, this is my first supercharged mod involving real life vehicles, of which is a 550-HP supercharged Infiniti Q50 Sedan.



    This car is based on the real life's Stillen engine and performance upgrades for the Infiniti Q50. Now you can enjoy in BeamNG Drive!



    Quick Specs:
    Engine: Supercharged Nissan VQ37VHR 3.7 V6 Engine
    Power and Torque: 550 HP and 400 LB FT
    Layout: Front Longitudinal All Wheel Drive, 4 Door 5 Seater Sedan
    Transmission: 7 Speed Automatic Transmission
    Wheels: Pirelli P-Zero Tires with Forged Rims
    Brakes: Brembo Vented Disc Brakes
    Interior: Recaro Sport Seats and upgraded Infotainment System
    Top Speed: >300 km/h (with some people managed a 200-MPH top speed!)
    Acceleration: <4 seconds
    Weight: 1850 KG (4000 lbs)
    Price: $60000 dollars



    Enjoy the ride! :p:p:p:p:p Please leave a rating as well!

Recent Reviews

  1. tomas piscicelli
    tomas piscicelli
    Version: 2014
    really good, Where did you get the supercharger?
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      I used the files based from the Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack, and the description is based on titleguy1 BeamNG Automation Car Pack - Europe Edition. PM if you have requests or help for Automation mods.
  2. Martin.S
    Version: 2014
    Finally New car! Very good! :D
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      It also has a working supercharger!
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