Beta Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack 5.0 - 1 Year Anniversary

Added TUNING PARTS! Contains 20 Awesome replicas. Now 1 year old and still going!

  1. Redone light setup of Trabant 601, GMC Syclone and Typhoon

    Ive taken soem time to redo the horrendously broken light setups of the Lamborghini Diablo and Peugeot 907.
    They now have individual low and high beams. Light brightness has been decreased so you wont be blinded anymore.
    Lowbeams on
    screenshot_2019-01-06_01-03-50.png screenshot_2019-01-06_01-39-46.png screenshot_2019-01-06_01-43-51.png
    Highbeams on
    screenshot_2019-01-06_01-04-40.png screenshot_2019-01-06_01-40-58.png screenshot_2019-01-06_01-44-21.png
    Low/Highbeams on
    screenshot_2019-01-06_01-04-01.png screenshot_2019-01-06_01-40-02.png screenshot_2019-01-06_01-44-48.png
    When braking
    screenshot_2019-01-06_01-41-33.png screenshot_2019-01-06_01-45-50.png
    Hazzard lights + blinkers
    screenshot_2019-01-06_01-42-20.png screenshot_2019-01-06_01-46-35.png
    I didnt include pictures of the Trabant Braking and blinking because I didnt change these lights.
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