Beta Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack 5.0 - 1 Year Anniversary

Added TUNING PARTS! Contains 20 Awesome replicas. Now 1 year old and still going!

  1. Improved Rimac (again) and File size improvements

    Ive taken the Rimac once again to the board and stiffened up the suspension as it simply was too soft. Above that, I also made it heavier as The removal of the Turboy in an update also got rid of a lot of weight wich should have stayed on the car. The Rimac should now be more resiliant to impacts.
    Ive raised the suspension a notch too.

    Above that, ive gotten rid of Sound files that were pretty much the same as another file. (eg. The GMC Syclone and Typhoon use the same engine -> they have the same sound -> 1 file can be used instead of both exported ones)
    The files size has been reduced by 27MB which may be enough space for a 21st car to join the pack! Stay tuned, guys!
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