Beta Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack 5.0 - 1 Year Anniversary

Added TUNING PARTS! Contains 20 Awesome replicas. Now 1 year old and still going!

  1. Biggest Update 2.0 - Added tuning options to *every* car, revised sounds, added special plates

    I did not expect to make an update this big again, but here we are!
    Just on time for the 1 year anniversary of this very pack, I managed to finish a ginormous update. I have added Tuning options to each and every car, revised the sounds of multiple cars - adjusting their noise levels, and also added working exhausts to all cars (yes, I know, Automation exports this from default now, but these are old exports.)
    screenshot_2019-09-09_16-28-07.png u13.png tuning.png
    As you can see, there is Transmission tuning as well as Turbo/Supercharger pressure settings available to every Aspirated car! (excluding some cars with tuning parts)
    All cars now feature extra configurations that give it the maximum power the Turbo/Supercharger can achieve as well as NOS and a straight pipe exhaust, and a variant that only adds the straight pipe, if you want to enjoy your backfire without having to set back the power yourself, if Maximum is too much for you.

    You will also have noticed the custom license plates that I made:
    They're just a neat little extra :)

    Above that, the Trabant and Peel P50 (In the Real Life Car Replica Pack Sequel, link below) Now burn oil!
    screenshot_2019-09-09_16-30-55.png screenshot_2019-09-09_16-31-09.png
    As they have 2-stroke engines, I went ahead and added this nifty feature ^^
    It may be a bit extreme but hey, at least that exists now.
    You may wonder how I did that. Simple trick: I just gave the Piston rings 0 durability so they break upon spawn, letting the engine burn oil.

    A big focus has also been set on the Rimac Concept_One, with once again, more improvements.
    Screenshot2.png Screenshot3.png Screenshot4.png screenshot_2019-09-06_20-07-40.png screenshot_2019-09-06_20-58-15.png
    Yes, you are seeing right, the Rimac can now BURRRRN!
    You can now recreate the very moment, Hammond binned a Rimac on a Swiss Hillclimb stage. (Im happy he's still alive after that)
    The car can now catch on fire. And will stay on fire. For a very long time.
    A very visible change is also the fact that there also are Electric motors with driveshafts to the wheels on the car, as well as a battery and brake lines.
    screenshot_2019-09-06_19-45-26.png screenshot_2019-09-06_19-45-39.png
    I am planning on improving the underside of the cars on all of my cars at one point in the future.

    You also won't have to worry about the Lamborghini Diablo blasting your ear drums out anymore. It has been silenced quite a bit.

    Previously missing images of Top Speed variants of some cars have also been 'fixed' by...well...adding the images in the first place:
    config_ccx_topspeed.png config_mower_topspeed.png config_diablo_topspeed.png

    Talking about images, here are the images of the cars with Tuning options:
    config_maxpower_tc.png config_maxpower_sc.png config_maxpower_na.png config_maxdownforce.png config_nospeedlimit.png config_straight_pipe.png
    They are all self drawn! (apart form the no speed limit sign)

    To finish it off, here some pictures of all cars with tuning options!
    u23.png u22.png u20.png u16.png u15.png u14.png u13.png u3.png

    If you are interested in more replicas, you should check these out!
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