Beta Innocents Real Life Car Replicas Pack 5.0 - 1 Year Anniversary

Added TUNING PARTS! Contains 20 Awesome replicas. Now 1 year old and still going!

  1. Revised Opel Omega B a bit

    Ive extended the redline of the Vortex(Opel) Omega B to 7000rpm and coded the powercurve to go that far.

    The Opel Omega now reaches 249km/h instead of 220, due to reduced drag.

    The car now has 1(!) horsepower more.
  2. Fully revised Trabant 601 + Revised Jbeam model of Lawn mower

    The trabant is one of my oldest replicas and needed a revision REALLY BAD.
    So I took some time and made this: The Trabant 601 deluxe.
    Its now 2km/h faster(!!) (Still cant reach 100km/h lmao)
    Ive completley redone the whole styling of the car and used newly made skills to improve it.
    Ive added custom text, a DDR plate, Windscreen wipers and a nozzel, better lights, better bodylines etc.
    See for yourself:
    HighresScreenshot00058.png HighresScreenshot00059.png HighresScreenshot00063.png ...
  3. Revised Koenigsegg CCR and CCX

    The Koenigsegg CCR and CCX have been revised.
    They now have better JBeam models:
    -Improved JBeam models. The cars no longer scrape on the ground.
    -Impoved performance
    -Redesigned cars
    -New fancy vehicle icons:

    HighresScreenshot00050.png HighresScreenshot00043.png
    More pictures:
    HighresScreenshot00044.png HighresScreenshot00045.png HighresScreenshot00047.png HighresScreenshot00046.png ...

    The Ford Shelby, Koenigsegg CCR and CCX now feature superchargers!
    The CCR and CCX now are a lot faster than they were. The CCX now does 404km/h and the CCR 406km/h.
    -Removed pesky Twin Turboes of CCR, CCX and Shelby
    -Due to removal of TTs, the file size has been decreased (Automation Exports ULTRA detailed Turboes... and weirdly enough also the internals of them)
    -Better FPS for low spec PCs due to Removal of Turboes-> a lot less...
  5. Updated all Saleens and added SUPERCHARGERS!

    Ive spent a lot of time fiddlelling around and asking in Forums on how to add a Supercharger to the engine file.
    Now both Saleen cars have WORKING SUPERCHARGERS! And damn they sound good!
    -Added working Superchargers to the Saleen S281 and S5s
    -Improved design of both cars named above
    -Better performance of both cars
    -Better sound
    -New fancy Vehicle icons

    HighresScreenshot00026.png HighresScreenshot00027.png
  6. Updated 907 and CCR

    Ive taken the time to finally fix the 907 from being kinda not what it is supposed to be.
    Whats new:
    -Grippier tires: I've searched around in the rear_wheels.jbeam file and found a line that multiplies friction between the ground and the tire. I plaey around with said line and ended up multipling it by 1.7.
    -Car doesnt need TCS:...
  7. Updated cars- Also take a look at the Peugeot 907! Its now drivable.

    Ive Updated various cars, Including the:
    -Le Mans Quattro
    -Peugeot 907
    -Pikes Peak Quattro

    The 907 now has a standartised vehicle icon
    The 907 has been revised. The rear wheels now have more grip. The original car had 325s on the rear but Automation only lets me put 295s on it. So i went ahead, searched around in the wheels_rear.jbeam file and found a line that...
  8. Improved Performance

    Ive removed the Top speed limit of the Koenigsegg CCR and CCX.
    Also some improvements on the Audi Le Mans' driving were made
  9. Updated car

    Ive added a running bar to the car and have given it a more standartized Vehicle picture.
    I also removeed the preset top speed limit, that Automation leaves behind in the engine.jbeam file.
    HighresScreenshot00525.png HighresScreenshot00527.png
  10. Changed vehicle icon

    Ive changed the Vehicle icon of the GMC Syclone and Typhoon as they still were not like the other icons.
    I soon will start to add more standartised and fancy designs on the icons, but that has time
    They now look much better
    HighresScreenshot00524.png HighresScreenshot00526.png
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