Beta Intakes 2.7

Did somebody say turbos?

  1. bringing stuff into line with 0.24

    may have accidentally removed burnside parts by mistake
    and now i'm deprecating the midsize turbos as the devs have added proper turbos in the update
  2. pigeon updated turbos

    whooshy lads for the 550 and 1300 pig/wigeon motors
  3. etk i6d turbo

    reeky turbo for the leaning tower of power etk diesel six
  4. overhaused stuff

    removed broken nodes and other faulty things, just keeping this mod ticking over into the new year
  5. fixed some stuff

    fixed naming issue on the miramar sohc turbos
  6. turbos for beaver

    turbos for beaver
  7. vivace parts

    adds adjustable turbo and ECU for the I5 so you can hit 400kph
    adds an NA option for some engines
    and a pigeon engine for the vivace
  8. more miramar bits

    added some customised rear springs and shocks for the stock miramar rear axle, added a cvt, dct, and sequential transmission and a new config

    expect this for more vehicles soon
  9. new flutter noises

    for the miramar
  10. updates and parts

    now includes support for the trackfab superlite's 1.5 engine
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