Interior Police Equipment 1.3

Adds interior police equipment to some vehicles.

  1. Fixed an issue following the 0.20 update

    The radio was re-positioned.
  2. Roamer missing shotgun texture fixed

    Fixed an issue with the Roamer shotgun texture missing.
  3. Menu added

    A menu has been added allowing you to select different configurations. When the mod is selected a right arrow will appear in front of Additional Modification. Click on the arrow and select the option you want. All accessories is selected by default.
  4. Radar unit, shotgun mount added

    A radar unit and shotgun mount was added. Also, glass was added to the partition and is now included for the Sunburst and ETK-800.

    Shotgun model by slang was purchased on CGTrader.
    Other modeling for this update was done by me.


    1. screen6.png
    2. screen7.png
    3. screen5.png
  5. Radio and lights/siren controller details

    Details were added to the Radio and lights/siren controller.


    1. detail.png
  6. Radio, mic, lights/siren controller added + quality improvements

    A radio, mic, and lights/siren controller was added. Also, an image from @psy_lo was added to the computer screen along with quality improvements with his help.

    Modeling for this update was done by me. I will add more detail to the radio and lights/siren controller in the future along with a dash cam and other equipment.


    1. screen2.png
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