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Alpha Intersection 0.1.1

Burnout style crash junctions, with pickups and carnage o'plenty!

  1. More Bug Fixes

    A small update containing some bug fixes and a new UI for keeping track of medals earned:
    • Fixed a conflict of medal names with the Car Games mod
    • Fixed some grammatical errors
    • Added in a medal total for the hub world to see all medals achieved so far
    • Fixed a bug where slow loading of vehicles causes errors
    • Fixed low tree render distance on Circular Carnage and Around A Roundabout
    More content is planned, and the more open approach to being able to play any...
  2. Art syle changes + Hub-world + More

    The first major update brings a more realistic art style with some weather an time effects, a hub world for accessing the scenarios and a bunge of other improvements!

    The hub-world is not fully finished, and may changed in the future. There is no unlocking system so all scenarios are unlocked straight away; again, it will probably be changed in the future.

    20200413183826_1.jpg 20200413184002_1.jpg screenshot_2020-04-13_18-35-00.png screenshot_2020-04-13_18-35-16.png screenshot_2020-04-13_18-36-56.png ...
  3. Bugfixes + additional levels

    This update fixes some issues with scoring and timers, as well as adding in some new levels:
    • Fixed scoring carying over from previous scenarios and timers ending too early
    • Fixed shockwaves not showing when a vehicle leaves the scenario
    • Target car sign now changes colour to green when crashed into
    • Three new scenarios:
      • Around A Roundabout (Easy)
      • Car Skimming (Medium)
      • Circular Car-nage (Medium)
    Next update will hopefully focus on getting the...
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