Outdated IYB 200BX 2

Adds a new backfire sound and parts.

  1. New thicc body, sound update a little and new configs

    New Fenders and Spacers
    20190317212034_1.jpg 20190317212037_1.jpg 20190317212046_1.jpg 20190317212100_1.jpg

    New Bumpers
    20190317212411_1.jpg 20190317212421_1.jpg

    New "Special" Stance Config (Adjustable)
    20190317212404_1.jpg 20190317212414_1.jpg 20190317212425_1.jpg

    I also tweaked the exhaust sound a little.

    Random Screenshots
    20190317212654_1.jpg 20190317212657_1.jpg 20190317212808_1.jpg 20190317212812_1.jpg
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