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Beta IYB Hopper 8

Adds off road parts and more to the hopper.

  1. Crawler Update!

    All the new stuff is in the mod description, but not all of it cause I don't remember all of the things that I've done.
  2. Halo Lights, configs and other fixes

    Fixed texture for the light bar
    New sounds for the V8
    Halo lights
    new configs

    annnnd I don't remember the rest..


    1. screenshot_2019-09-21_16-32-56.png
  3. finally

    it's all of the things in the description.
  4. A whole lotta thing has changed

    Yeah so after several months of nothingness, I decided to polish my hopper mod and I will separate my off road modpack because there is too much bugs and its a lot harder to have one modpack than several separated car mods. Alright so here is the update hope you guys like it:)

    (New) Engine I6
    20190205190802_1.jpg 20190205190804_1.jpg

    New V8 (some no texture problem, will fix soon)
    20190205191053_1.jpg 20190205191056_1.jpg

    New Front Fascia and Bumper...
  5. White background in thumnail

    White background in thumnail
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