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Beta IYB Midsize 4

Adds new race parts and more.

  1. Intercooler, led lights, bigger brakes and more...

    -Intercooler (inside and outside)

    -Led lights
    -Fixed the annoying backfires.

    -New configs
    grosboi.png race.png thiccpessima.png
  2. New Stuff

    New widebody, more realistic engine, new brakes, new rollcage and modified the front and back bumpers.
    20181115232705_1.jpg 20181115232730_1.jpg 20181115232809_1.jpg 20181115232814_1.jpg 20181115232822_1.jpg 20181115232910_1.jpg 20181115233007_1.jpg 20181115233011_1.jpg 20181115233015_1.jpg 20181115233021_1.jpg
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