Beta IYB Off-Road Tires 4.11

Now with Texture for almost every tires!

  1. Forgot to add the bigger sand drifter

    Bigger sand drifter (39x10R17)
    looks good on the prerunner
    Also there’s chains available for all of my tires if you open the parts menu and go into the tire tab. They actually change how the tire feel but I got to change a bit the variable to make it the most realistic possible.
    BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-0419_53_19.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_02_34.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_09_54.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_13_54.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_14_38.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_18_39.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642019-01-051_19_56.png
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