Beta Jackrabbit Gulch - The Vehicular Stunt Island Version 0.9 Update

An island used in a fictional vehicular stunting TV show (in its off season)

  1. DuneWulff
    Jackrabbit Gulch
    The Vehicular Stunt Island

    Ready to be a Jackrabbit?

    Jackrabbit Gulch is a map built around the idea of a television show about ridiculous vehicular stunting. The map features a blend of some downright absurd stunts and simple loop-based tracks.
    Highlights of the Map:
    The Ribbon - Dizzy Yet?

    The Triplets - Three Little Ramps

    The Stepping Stones (low) - "Suspension Test"

    The Airdrop - Quite the Fall

    The Eggsplitter - Making a Automlette

    The Atrophied Heart - Shamelessly Taken from Gridmap

    The Ridge - A simple, but varied track loop

    Möbius Strip - Gridmap's Nonsense in a Physical Sense

    The Bullseye - 10 Points for Center

    The Dudeson - They Probably Did Something Like This

    Simplicity - Jump Here, Land Here

    The Stepping Stones - The Ouchier Version

    Faculty Parking - No Handicap Spots

    Of course, there's plenty more little ramps and roads. Those up there are just the big ones.
    Remember, the map is in beta so there are probably little hiccups, floating trees, and who knows what else. Just ignore them for now. This is also my first map, so don't bite the newbie who spent an hour trying to figure out how to package it all up correctly (and it probably still isn't...)
    The map was originally going to be drastically different, like a desert, but it took a different turn so it became what it is! Everything was tested using the default truck, so that is what the map is based around.
    Just toss the ZIP in your mods folder, it should work.

    - DuneWulff

    P.S. There are 20 miniature boats scattered around the map, try and find them all!
    hopefully most things work, my biggest fear is I screwed it all up. lol

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Recent Reviews

  1. 01010011
    Version: Version 0.9 Update
    much hothweels turns.
  2. Matt Cook
    Matt Cook
    Version: Version 0.9 Update
  3. gyrotim
    Version: Version 0.9 Update
    Aaand once again, nice map, terrible performance.
    And yes, I can run jungle rock island and east coast USA with little to no problems at 55 to 60FPS.
    Version: Version 0.9 Update
    awesome but im a noob at doing tricks in beamng drive but its sill fun
  5. h0xt0n
    Version: Version 0.9 Update
    Its like an amusement park for sadistic racecar drivers. 10/10 would do impossible stunts again.
  6. GoredontheDestroyer
    Version: Version 0.9 Update
    Love the Dudesons reference. 5 stars just for that!
  7. needforsuv
    Version: Day One Update
    OMG its trackmania meet beamng
  8. Roasted Bunny
    Roasted Bunny
    Version: Day One Update
    What's with the spooky sounds? Great map anyways!
  9. HDR
    Version: Day One Update
    Spent 2 hours just exploring, amazing map, can't wait to see what you're going to do with this in the future.
  10. jake44
    Version: Day One Update
    dude this looks like a funfair haha awesome map
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