Experimental JATO and Ram Plow for Everything 1.9.9

The mod everybody wanted but nobody made it because it's too much work for something this dumb.

  1. Compatibility update for version 0.23

    • Fixed sounds not playing
    • Fixed offset of side rockets of Pigeon
    • Fixed the snowman disappearing when you add JATO to it
    • Fixed rockets not attaching for Autobello
    • Fixed rockets breaking glass on Pigeon and Sunburst
    • Removed beacon lights due to being broken and useless
    • Moved around some slots for tuning so you can find the settings easier
    • Cleaned up mod code so it's easier to read and find stuff. Might break old configs made with the mod
    • Added comments in code explaining how some stuff works because people can't figure it out themselves
    • Added "attachment stiffness" setting for compatibility with very light cars
    • Added Wigeon support
    • Added very weak ram plow, for very light cars only (Pigeon, Wigeon)
    • Due to popular demand, added support for more rockets for the bus:

    Also, please tell Camodo to finally download an update for this mod, he has been using an extremely outdated version in his videos for months and complaining about bugs that have been fixed months ago, this really hurts to see.
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