Experimental JATO and Ram Plow for Everything 1.5

The mod everybody wanted but nobody made it because it's too much work for something this dumb.

  1. Added smoke toggle

    Added 2 simple little switches in the Tuning tab to toggle off the smoke:


    It should increase visibility on BeamMP rocket car races now lol
  2. Completly redone the entire system to make it more user-friendly

    All official cars now have an auto-offset setup:



    This means that JATO and ram plow will e automatically placed in proper places on them, you no longer have to use the Tuning tab. Note that this doesn't work on mod cars, you still have to adjust it yourself on them. Also most roof accesories from the mod are not supported, you still have to position them manually.

    Additionally, the messy attachment selection has been really simplified:...
  3. A few extra options

    • Added "infinite fuel" options for JATO rockets, both the side and the roof ones. This was requested by some people. Selectable in the rocket sub-slots where the attachment nodes are. Technically it's not infinite but 99999999999999999999999999999L should be enough lol.
    • Added more light bars: amber, red and blue. Available in the roof accesory slot. Note that they spawn higher than the police one as they are meant to be used on larger vehicles.

    • Fixed a game-breaking issue with the game crashing occasionally when spawning a custom config that has JATO rockets from this mod.
    • Also fixed another giant issue with the game crashing when opening console with this mod enabled.
    • Yeah it was all in fact caused by this mod. More precisely... by the LUA file names containing capital letters.
    • After I renamed the files, the rocket smoke, sounds and fuel setting also got fixed instantly. So enjoy these features now.
  5. Content update: more stuff to add

    This is a pretty big update that changes and adds a lot of stuff:
    • Roof-mounted rockets are now separately selectable in a new slot. You can even put 3 at the same time now:
    • Side rockets are now default instead of the roof one because people use these more often
    • Added message displayed on vehicle reset when JATO equipped:
    • Moved roof rocket position tuning to a different category, for compatibility reasons:...
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