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Alpha JATO Attachment for More Vehicles V2.1

I must go now, my planet needs me.

  1. BombBoy4
    More Vehicles JATO

    A mod adding a JATO rocket from the bus to the Burnside, D-Series, and Pigeon so you can go all Fallout on other cars, or go to the moon and come back with some cheese (share it with me plizz), or tear a car in half without actually crashing.

    screenshot_00037.png screenshot_00038.png screenshot_00045.png screenshot_00052.png screenshot_00064.png screenshot_00065.png

    • The Burnside's suspension is very weak, and therefore the front end is shoved almost all the way to the ground. Don't hit any bumps ;)
    • A little bit of texture borking at the bottom of the top of the rocket, no big deal
    • It only looks right on the normal sized Burnside and the normal sized D-Series for now, more on the way (maybe)
    • The Pigeon rocket doesn't look stable and vibrates a little, but it definitely can take the force

    • Beam Team: Bus, JATO rocket
    • Me: Porting the rocket to all vehicles

Recent Updates

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  2. Slight Fix
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Recent Reviews

  1. CleandroGamer09
  2. DJbeam.
    Version: V2.1
    I Can Launch Apollo 1-100
  3. Querion
    Version: V2.1
    Speed and POWAH!
  4. Juicy Drift
    Juicy Drift
    Version: V2.1
    love it and now the pigeon cant wait :)
  5. TheGuyWithNoName
    Version: V2.1
    what are the maps called where the burnside and the d series are in on the pictures?
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)
      Burnside: Jungle Rock Island
      D-Series: West Coast USA
      Pigeon: Port
      All official beamng maps!
  6. kaiser imnop
    kaiser imnop
    Version: V2.1
    3 wheels car for drag race
  7. R0ck1t
    Version: V2.0

    awesome idea, and I'm glad to hear that it'll be on every car in the future. can't wait!
  8. mtslittow
    Version: V2.0
    Attached it to a plane and it went supersonic
  9. jepbertel
    Version: V2.0
    jato Pigeon
    1. BombBoy4
  10. Flippi 284
    Flippi 284
    Version: V2.0
    This must be on the legran
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      It'll be on every car in the end ;)
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