Beta Javielucho Mad Mod 0.3.7

Mad mod

  1. Fix for 0.24

    Fixed Barstowceptor spoiler clipping with roof bars, will support universal gun mod when it's out
    Fixed Barstow door net textures causing console warnings due to wrong file extension
    Fixed Burnside hotrod interior and camera
    Fixed roof bars on Burnside hotrod, will support universal gun mod when it's out
    Fixed issues with D-Series door nets
    Fixed issues with Roamer door armor
    Fixed issues with T-Series door armor
    Fixed H-Series skins
    Fixed H-Series ram bars
    Fixed H-Series cut hood
    Added spare tire and roof bars to Burnside Hot Node config
    Updated H-Series Van Hammer config
    Updated H-Series Hype Van config
    Increased tire pressure of Grand Marshal mad police
    Softened suspension of Grand Marshal mad police
    Stiffened suspension of Burnside drag hotrod
    Removed unused leftovers from Moonhawk files
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