Beta Javielucho Mad Mod 0.3.7

Mad mod

  1. Big Update! New pickups, trucks and more!

    A new update is out!


    New content:

    · Added pickups: "The Avalanche", recon and asault pickup configs
    · Added new trucks: recon configs
    · Added new van: "The Hype (train) Van"
    · Added bolide: "The Funny Jumper"
    · Added moonhawk: "The Half-Beam"

    · Colorable parts! You can paint some pickup and truck accessories as you want!

    · (Pickup) Up to 4 missiles!

    "T", "G", "H", "Y" to shoot them

    20170622114953_1.jpg 20161229183039_1.jpg


    · Fixed the op roamer cannon .jbeam
    · Created common textures
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