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Beta Javielucho Mad Mod 0.3.2

Mad mod

  1. Bug fix | New content

    V 0.3.2

    Compatibility with 0.10!

    · Fixed covet and van suspensions

    · Added burnside: "Hot Node" (and a drag version)


  2. Bug fix | New content

    A little update to fix a couple of bugs (I also added a new config):

    · Fixed the Mad Rig wheels of the truck and the tanker trailer. My custom hubcap was the problem. Now it is a flexbody with the same wheel group. I tested it crashing the truck and using the nodegrab and it seems that the problem is solved. :)

    · Fixed the sniper truck missile.

    · Added moonhawk config: "Shelter".

  3. Big Update! New pickups, trucks and more!

    A new update is out!


    New content:

    · Added pickups: "The Avalanche", recon and asault pickup configs
    · Added new trucks: recon configs
    · Added new van: "The Hype (train) Van"
    · Added bolide: "The Funny Jumper"
    · Added moonhawk: "The Half-Beam"

    · Colorable parts! You can paint some pickup and truck accessories as you...
  4. Fixed coltris

    Fixed a collision triangle.
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  5. New content! --> Mad Trucks


    This update includes 3 configs for the truck and 1 config for the tanker trailer.

    · "The Sniper Truck"
    (Long distances only)
    It is recommended to zoom in for a closer look.
    Also includes a camera on the back of the missile!

    · "The Ramp Truck"

    · "The Mad Rig"
    (truck and tanker trailer)


    Known bugs: sometimes the rear tyres of the truck "Mad Rig" show up spike textures when the tyres of the mad...
  6. Bug fix | New content

    Many many things:

    Made the mod compatible with 0.8.0!

    · Renamed internal names.
    · Reworked the car textures (Van, Roamer).
    · Finished the Van (adding new items).
    · Added an OP cannon.
    · Added a new car: "200 Nights".

    · Removed the derby config for Marshall (Shh! I would like to create a separate derby mod with those textures, including more cars, derby parts, etc.)
  7. New content! (Mad Roamer)

    Added Mad Roamer: Dustorm

    ... and other minor adjustments.
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  8. Bug fix due to 0.7.0 update

    Fixed some problems:

    · Fixed right door of the covet. It detaches from the car after spawn.
    · Fixed the color config of the van.
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  9. MODERATION : Edited materials for 0.7.0 Compatibility

    MODERATION : Edited materials for 0.7.0 Compatibility
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  10. Bug fix and new content

    V 0.2.1

    Added a custom white for configs.

    · Added specular and normal maps to all parts

    · Added specular and normal maps to the plow

    · Added 2 new skins and configs
    · Added new derby parts

    NEW CAR: "The Barstowceptor" (includes one config)


    Thanks to:
    Djplopper for the preset photos.
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