Beta Javielucho Mad Mod 0.3.8

Mad mod

  1. Hotfix for 0.26.1

    Fixed key bindings overriding vanilla settings on some cars
    Fixed Moonhawk Shelter door glass armor sticking out (finally)
    Fixed no texture odometer and missing slots on Grand Marshal Mad Police
    Fixed the Little Turtle Covet
    Added twin engine powertrain to Little Turtle with Cannon (EXPERIMENTAL!!!)
  2. 0.24.1 update

    -fixed the Bolide ramp car and restyled it so it fits the Mad Max theme better
  3. Fix for 0.24

    Fixed Barstowceptor spoiler clipping with roof bars, will support universal gun mod when it's out
    Fixed Barstow door net textures causing console warnings due to wrong file extension
    Fixed Burnside hotrod interior and camera
    Fixed roof bars on Burnside hotrod, will support universal gun mod when it's out
    Fixed issues with D-Series door nets
    Fixed issues with Roamer door armor
    Fixed issues with T-Series door armor
    Fixed H-Series skins
    Fixed H-Series ram bars
    Fixed H-Series cut hood...
  4. Another hotfix

    • Fixed the cannon shoot button overriding the default upshift binding on Xbox 360 controller and potentially on some other controllers too. Controller users will have to rebind this key manually for all vehicles that use cannons!
    • Fixed the bug where the game is trying to play the cannon shooting sound when you try to shoot without having a cannon, and it can't find the sound source and it breaks the game. It now checks if the source exists before playing the sound....
  5. Update: Hotfix by daddydante88


    After years of being partially broken, the mod is back! Changelog:

    Removed all door variants without glass, because now you can remove the glass separately
    Replaced all buggy armored doors with glass armor for normal doors
    Converted all materials to Json (future-proofing)
    Converted all skins to PBR, which includes adding the 'metallic removal' dirt effect
    Renamed all parts so you can find them easily
    Reorganized all slots to free up the mod slot, so you can use other mods...
  7. Bug fix | New content

    V 0.3.2

    Compatibility with 0.10!

    · Fixed covet and van suspensions

    · Added burnside: "Hot Node" (and a drag version)


  8. Bug fix | New content

    A little update to fix a couple of bugs (I also added a new config):

    · Fixed the Mad Rig wheels of the truck and the tanker trailer. My custom hubcap was the problem. Now it is a flexbody with the same wheel group. I tested it crashing the truck and using the nodegrab and it seems that the problem is solved. :)

    · Fixed the sniper truck missile.

    · Added moonhawk config: "Shelter".

  9. Big Update! New pickups, trucks and more!

    A new update is out!


    New content:

    · Added pickups: "The Avalanche", recon and asault pickup configs
    · Added new trucks: recon configs
    · Added new van: "The Hype (train) Van"
    · Added bolide: "The Funny Jumper"
    · Added moonhawk: "The Half-Beam"

    · Colorable parts! You can paint some pickup and truck accessories as you...
  10. Fixed coltris

    Fixed a collision triangle.
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