Beta Javiersp98 Parts Pack 1.2

Lots of useful engine tunings, transmissions, gear ratios...

  1. Javiersp98

    Hey! This is a mod created to improve the variety of engines, transmissions and other mechanical parts in the game. Everything was designed to fit as much as possible into the vanilla Beamng. Actually it does not include any config.

    List of parts included:

    Ibishu Covet
    1.8 SOHC Engine (Big block in a Covet!)
    2.0 DOHC Engine (This is getting serious :rolleyes:)
    6-Speed Manual Transmission
    Race 6-Speed Sequential Transmission (Hillclimb vibes:cool:)
    V-Tec Tuning
    V-Tec S Tuning
    V-Tec R Tuning
    V-Tec ECU
    V-Tec S ECU
    V-Tec R ECU

    Stage 3 performance block
    Stage 4 performance block
    0.9L F4 Engine (If you think the 1.1 is fast, then try this;))
    1.7L F4 Engine (for those that are always pushing the 1.5 to its limits)
    2-Speed Automatic (comfortable and well calibrated)
    3-Speed Manual Trasmission (great companion for the 0.9L)
    Race 6-Speed Sequential Transmission (Hillclimb vibes:cool:)
    Heavy Duty Reving Performance Long Block
    Compact Oil Cooler (No mesh visible)
    Race 6-Speed Transaxle

    632 CUI V8 Engine (A true beast!!)
    Stage 1 Street Carburetor
    Stage 2 Street Carburetor
    2.64:1 Gear ratio
    3.55:1 Gear ratio
    Sport exhaust (Higher power, better sound and a bit of afterfire)

    Supercharger for 313CUI (Around 210cv)
    5-Speed Manual Transmission
    Race 6-Speed Manual Transmission

    ETK 800 & ETK C
    Turbocharger+ for ETKI6 (Keeps boost on high RPMs)
    Turbocharger+ for ETKI4 (Higher boost)
    Sport ECU (7000rpm)
    GTS Long Block (Around 275cv up to 7500rpm)
    GTS ECU (7500rpm)
    1.5 I3 Engine (Based on new BMWs I3 engine)

    V-Tec Tuning
    V-Tec S Tuning
    V-Tec R Tuning (226cv)
    V-Tec ECU
    V-Tec S ECU
    V-Tec R ECU
    6-Speed Manual Transmission (Close ratio, very sporty)
    Ultra High Performance Radiator
    GTz Brakes (4-Lug, swapped from the Pessima GTz)

    Ibishu Hopper
    AWD Transfercase (better than the stock 4WD for driving in paved roads thanks to a center differential)

    Gavril D15/D25/D35

    Sport Exhaust (Improved power, only for short chassis)
    Race Muffler (Better sound and afterfire, only for short chassis)
    6-Speed Manual Transmission
    Race 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
    Ultra Heavy Duty Locking Torque Converter
    3.27:1 Gear ratios for all differentials (Perfect for the Diesel engine)
    4.54:1 Gear ratios for all differentials
    5.08:1 Gear ratios for all differentials

    ETK I Series
    TTSport Performance Long Block (Higher NA performance)
    TTSport 5-Speed Manual Transmission
    TTSport 6-Speed Manual Transmission
    Sport ECU (6200rpm, compatible with stock blocks)
    TTSport ECU (6500rpm)
    TTSport Evolution ECU (7000rpm)
    Adjustable Performance ECU (Up to 8000rpm)

    Gavril Grand Marshall
    6-Speed Automatic Transmission (Ratios from Ford 6R80)
    6-Speed Manual Transmission (Ratios from Ford 6R80)
    3.55:1 Gear Ratio
    4.10:1 Gear Ratio

    Ibishu Hopper
    4.54:1 Gear Ratio
    5.08:1 Gear Ratio
    5-Speed Automatic Transmission
    6-Speed Manual Transmission

    Ibishu Pessima (2nd Gen)
    6-Speed Manual Transmission (Close ratio)

    Ibishu Miramar
    Stage 3 Performance Long Block
    Stage 1 Side Draft Carburetors
    Performance Rev Limiter (Up to 12000rpm, this will be useful for a little surprise I'll update in some days... :p)
    GTz Internals (Less aggresive tuning in DOHC/SOHC engines with better low end torque, 6000rpm)
    GTz 5-Speed Manual Transmission (Close ratio, as always ;))
    Race 6-Speed Manual Transmission

    Gavril T-Series
    Limited Slip Differentials (for Heavy Duty hauling of Drifting, you decide :cool:)
    Race Long Block (3000rpm of an angry Diesel :mad:)
    Race T400 Turbocharger (Optimized for the top end of the RPM range)
    Race 6-Speed Manual Transmission
    6-Speed Automatic Transmission
    14-Speed Automatic Transmission
    Heavy Duty Locking Torque Converter

    Hope you guys enjoy the parts, as you will see I attempted the most to add parts that where needed in the game for some reason or another, and tried that they get on well with the ingame parts.

    There are bigger things coming for this mod, stay tuned :rolleyes:!

    If you have any suggestion of something that would fit in this mod, please let me know in the comments.

    if you are interested in a collaboration, please contact me.

Recent Updates

  1. UPDATE 1.2
  2. Fixed Zip File

Recent Reviews

  1. Obamamixdude
    Version: 1.2
    Very good addition and even better first mod. What we need, though, is a 5-cylinder petrol and diesel in one of the normal cars, for example, the new Pessima.
    Version: 1.1
    Atomatic transaxle for autobelo please
    1. Javiersp98
      Author's Response
      Yep, a 2speed auto is in development right now along with a sequential racing gearbox!
  3. aryan HELLCAT
    aryan HELLCAT
    Version: 1.1
    this mod is really good
    1. Javiersp98
  4. Jakub Janšík
    Jakub Janšík
    Version: 1.1
    everything works like it should after update. Great mod
    1. Javiersp98
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reporting that problem!
    Version: 1.1
    wow, a great mod. please have your own taste so this mod will be unique. overall 11/10 wont dissapointing
    1. Javiersp98
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I was planning to keep this mod as similar to vanilla Beamng as possible, but in the future I promise that I'll start developing a configuration pack with lots of personality, I have some really nice ideas for it...
  6. Holographicaly
    Version: 1.0
    god mod, keep up the great work, if you want to add alittle more of ur own taste to it you can make it so your parts use a custom texture so it can be red or blue or what ever your heart desires to make it a bit different then stock
    1. Javiersp98
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! My idea about this mod was to release parts needed in the default game, with the mod having the same personality as vanilla Beamng, but in the future it is highly possible that I start working on a configuration pack with It's own personality!
  7. Jakub Janšík
    Jakub Janšík
    Version: 1.0
    i can't see any of listed parts. or just can't find them. For example V-tec psrts for covet, where can i find them?
    1. Javiersp98
      Author's Response
      V-Tec parts for the Covet can be found in the "Long Block" slot of the vanilla engines. If you still can't found them, check if the mod was installed correctly. Send me a PM if you have another question/problem.
  8. NicePro
    Version: 1.0
    It has been of great help to me.
    Thank you
    1. Javiersp98
      Author's Response
      Glad you appreciate it!
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