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JBX100 Skin 0.20

Greddy skin for 200bx and jbx100 mod

  1. dobryalex
    Skin "Greddy" for the 200bx and jbx100 mod
    If you want to install the skin for jbx100, first make sure that you have the jbx100 mod installed, if it is installed, then transfer the "greddyjbx" ZIP archive to Documents/BeamNG. Drive/Fashions
    Then go to the 200bx configuration, and there you will find modifications for the jbx100 waiting for you.
    If you want this skin for 200bx, then choose any 200bx configuration in the auto select Greddy Livery settings.

Recent Reviews

  1. Slyfox3647
    Version: 0.20
    every heard of looking up the english translation of what this talented man said?
  2. SHΛW
    Version: 0.20
    ok skin isnt bad but speak english
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