JDM D-Series "Ibishu Dove" 4.1.0

a budget orientated D-Series for non US markets

  1. 0.17 Content Update

    We're back (again(and again)) !

    I've been incredibly busy lately which explains the lack of content, but this update should make up for it. Also thanks for 100k+ downloads, you guys are awesome !


    • New config : Kyameru Special
    screenshot_2019-10-06_22-54-39.jpg screenshot_2019-10-06_22-55-20.jpg
    • Updated engine part models
    screenshot_2019-10-06_23-21-07.jpg screenshot_2019-10-06_23-22-47.jpg
    • Updated engine sounds using the 0.17 ones
    • Experimental LHD support implemented on the JDM cab
    • Fixed bull bar lights cover rotation
    • Tuned engine parts
    • Waited for the game to reload
    • It crashed ...
    • Misc fixes and stuff that I forgot
    NOTE : No RHD support on the regular cab, it's not feasible for the time being. Please use the JDM cab to access the Dove parts, thank you.

    Thanks again, enjoy !
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