JDM D-Series "Ibishu Dove" 4.1.0

a budget orientated D-Series for non US markets

  1. 0.21 Update

    Happy Holidays !

    This is just a small update that fixes all known/reported bugs with the mod.

    Thank you for your support !

  2. Lightspeed engaged

    Hello everyone ! Hope everyone is staying safe and having fun with the new vehicles, they're great. But mods are great too : welcome to update 4.0.0!

    Gfycat Video - Click to Play - Direct Link

    C H A N G E L O G

    • Reworked configs
      • New config : L Longbed
    • New config : L Premium (replaces LS RWD)...
  3. 0.18 Update

    Happy Holidays !


    This is a quick update to make the mod functional again on the latest version of BeamNG, it also takes advantage of the newly introduced parts.
    • Updated model to fit the updated pickup
    • Updated jbeam
    • Dove parts can now be used on the regular pickup and vice versa
    • Tweaked powertrain and suspension
    • Bug fixes
    Thank you...
  4. 0.17 Content Update

    We're back (again(and again)) !

    I've been incredibly busy lately which explains the lack of content, but this update should make up for it. Also thanks for 100k+ downloads, you guys are awesome !


    • New config : Kyameru Special
    screenshot_2019-10-06_22-54-39.jpg screenshot_2019-10-06_22-55-20.jpg ...
  5. 0.17.1 bug fix

    Small update to fix various bugs that have been introduced in the last few updates, including the missing door latches.
  6. 0.14/0/15 Compatibility Update

    What's new ?

    • Fixed lights and added updated variants to all "Dove" parts
    • Added new interior camera system
    • Bug fixes
    • Don't remember the rest
    Happy new year and thanks for the support !
  7. Comeback

    The Dove is back again after many ups and downs

    Changelog :
    • Updated for
    • Reworked skins. Used a better dds exporter this time, they should look way better
    • Bug fixes
    Enjoy !
  8. Update 1

    This a pretty big update, click on "Read More" to see everything, a lot of stuff has been added :D

    Changelog :
    • New config "4x4"

    • New config "200"

    • New gauges

    • New...
  9. Hotfix

    • Reworked interior with a right hand drive mirror (thanks @NothingToDo for the report) and custom dash lighting

    • Reworked engine tuning options
    • Tuned transmissions
  10. DOVE

    Release version.
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