Alpha Jetside Special 2.0a3

Better than a turbo. 2.0


    So, long story short, this mod has been an utter pain and I hate torque converters now. Simulating (or mocking) a jet engine on a piston engine makes the game hate you.

    After many hours of arduous trial and error, I finally bring an alpha of version 2.0 of this mod. Here's a changelog

    • Powertrain completely remade from scratch to use the new system in the game.
      • Spent hours tuning torque converters to be just right. This took me the longest.
      • Spent more hours tuning transmission variables as the torque converters had to be made to be extremely weak and shift points didn't like to work.
    • Remade the radiators.
    • Fixed broken part configs.
    • Added new drag variant.
    • Fixed a few bugs along the way.
    What's gonna be in beta?
    • I'm trying to get an engine startup sound into the mod (have the sound, need to find how to get it working how I want).
    • Potentially think about an engine model but don't count on it.
    I'm releasing this now as-is because I'm currently on spring break and will not have the time to sit and work on mods after then until May. I hope that releasing this early (by my standards) will allow me to fix bugs while I have time.

    Current known bugs:
    • Color selection doesn't work. I'm looking into it
    • No engine sound from 0-~7000 RPM. This is planned for a startup sound.
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