Alpha Jetside Special 2.0a3

Better than a turbo. 2.0

  1. Bugs

    I think I forgot to save my changes to the part configs. That's been done now so, the single turbine part config should be rather slow!
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  2. Fixed a couple bugs

    • Broken color selector
    • Fixed part configs. Found missing/unintended parts
    Enjoy :)
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    So, long story short, this mod has been an utter pain and I hate torque converters now. Simulating (or mocking) a jet engine on a piston engine makes the game hate you.

    After many hours of arduous trial and error, I finally bring an alpha of version 2.0 of this mod. Here's a changelog

    • Powertrain completely remade from scratch to use the new system in the game.
      • Spent hours tuning torque converters to be just right. This took me the longest.
      • Spent more hours...
  4. Quick bug fix

    Default Paint Names IE Jet Black were removed thus causing a disgusting alien neon green color to appear on the car.

    This is fixed ;)
  5. Sport version, fixed transmissions, brake thermals

    Quick update today:


    • Added brake thermals.
    • Redid transmissions and some diffs - old ones were sloppy and transmissions almost never downshifted.
    • Added sport config. Does 0-60 in just under 6 seconds.
    • Added ABS brake parts to be used on the sport version.
    • Tweaked radiators to prevent overheating. Also raised flash points so the car would stop starting on fire!
    That's all. Enjoy :)
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  6. Better downshifting

    Changes on the single turbine setup:

    Lowered idle RPM to invoke downshifting. I don't know why it wasn't downshifting like at all, the code said to downshift at 21000 RPM before.

    Lowering the RPM helps the creep torque from being too high too which was a pretty big problem.

    No further changes on the twin-turbine setup
  7. Fixed default PC and radiators

    Beefed up radiators and fixed a non-working default part config
  8. Redid main preview picture

    No other changes
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