Jetta Highline TSi 2.0 Turbo Version 2.1

2.0L - 211hp Turbo

  1. Breno
    Jetta Highline TSi 2.0 with 211hp. Model Year: 2015

    Jetta Highline TSi 2.0 com 211 cv.

    Ano do modelo: 2015

    Top Speed: 241km/h

    0-100km/h => 7,2s


    1. HighresScreenshot00219.png
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    3. HighresScreenshot00222.png
    4. HighresScreenshot00228.png
    5. HighresScreenshot00230.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Vaporlane
    Version: Version 2.1
    Very nice, but how do I get all these fixture and body mods? I've downloaded every single mod in the Steam Workshop and most of them don't work...
    1. Breno
      Author's Response
      I put together several mods on top of each other to achieve the desired effect. For example. The rear flashlight of a car I do with 3 different mods. One on top of the other. Sorry about my english.
  2. This_Is_JOHN_CE-O_Sorry
    Version: Version 2.0
    Nossa, Estou impressionado, suas habilidades melhoraram muito desde o primeiro mod, está idêntico ao original. Parabéns.
    1. Breno
      Author's Response
      Por isso estou refazendo todos os carros. Depois de refazer todos vou continuar meus projetos de novos carros brasileiros. =D
  3. CadenCats
    Version: Version 2.0
    Really good recreation, good job!
    1. Breno
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