jojojona's Emulated 2-Stage N2O Injection System 1.0

A new way of boosting your vehicle.

  1. jojojona
    This mod adds a new N2O injection system for all vehicles with an N2O injection slot.

    The new N2O injection system emulates a 2-stage N2O injection.
    At a lower RPM, it injects a smaller shot size, and at a higher RPM, it injects the full shot size.
    This helps with keeping your vehicle under control, especially RWD vehicles in corners.
    Below are 2 pictures comparing the standard and my new system.

    Standard N2O injection

    2-Stage N2O injection

    Added parts:
    For all vehicles:
    N2O Injection:

    - Emulated 2-Stage Nitrous Oxide Injection
    Price: 600​

    - kW Shot Size
    Price: 200
    Allows you to set the amount of power to add​

    - Nm Shot Size
    Price: 200
    Allows you to set the amount of torque to add​

    Other notes/known Issues:
    The two shot sizes add up, so if you have 50 kW as shot size 1, and 30 kW as shot size 2, the total amount of added power will be 80 kW.

    Because it uses two functions called "torqueModIntake" and "torqueModExhaust", and performance enhancements added by intakes and exhaust are nullified. This means that parts like sport intakes and race exhausts will not have an effect on vehicles with 2-stage N2O injection equipped.

Recent Reviews

  1. ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet
    Version: 1.0
    Neato burrito, it does exactly what you say it does and nothing more.
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